Score Guaranteed Course Full-time Intensive Program

Intensive Studying full Section all subjects every day

5 lessons – Listening, Reading, Writing 1, Writing 2, Speaking – every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Can't have time for studying or Want to take some specific subjects on IELTS?
No problem, Part-time options are available for your circumstance.

IELTS Herald Vancouver listening book IELTS Herald Vancouver reading book IELTS Herald Vancouver writing 1 book IELTS Herald Vancouver writing 2 book IELTS Herald Vancouver speaking book

Mock test practice and review every week

Selectable type of Paper-delivered or Computer-delivered IELTS mock tests every Friday and review with feedback for the test every Monday.

Circulating 4 Sessions all over the year

Available to start any days into modularized 16 weeks of length course

Worry-free Score Guarantee Option

Herald guarantees to raise your IELTS overall score by 1.0 point per every 8 weeks, if failed we will offer to extend of your studies without charge but your attendance is very important to get this benefit.

  • 100% attendance will get extension for the duration of registration, 90% attendance will get the half the duration for registered weeks. No extension benefit if less than 90% attendance.
  • If the student is absent without an excuse for more than 2 days of every week during the extended period the benefit will be forfeited.

COVID-19 New Class Schedules and Plans

IELTS Herald Vancouver fulltime timetable

Intensive Core Classes

The volume of each class will be decreased to smaller groups due to COVID-19.

  • Lessons for speaking, essay, general reading and general letter writing will run for two hours at one time so that each unit(topic) can be done each day.
  • Listening, reading and writing practices will be completed as actual training during a class instead of giving assignments.
  • This new time table will be crossed over every week for the students on the specific day of the week. All students included in full-time and part-time classes are able to participate in the class without disconnection of the lesson. They will be able to be in any class regardless of the different courses.

Level-basis Classification

Classes will be grouped by ability or target score from the existing two for academic and general classes.

  • Class A: Beyond 7.0 – Only for over 6.0 on the mock test or CLB level 7
  • Class B: Beyond 6.0 – Only for over 4.5 on the mock test or CLB level 4
  • Foundation Class: Korean lecture for beginners

More Individual Feedback and Flexibility

Mock test review placed every Monday will be changed with more flexibility. Writing/speaking review provides a continuous 3 hours in the morning to give individual feedback to each student, and reading/listening are reviewed in the afternoon classes.